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Kenvox can perform secondary operations on custom parts, do specialized packaging, and coordinate global shipments to customers around the world. We provide materials management and procurement services for our customer’s packaging needs.

Unlike most of our competitors, KENVOX provides assembly, packaging and fulfillment services in our Class 100,000-rated environment.

We can handle any of your global fulfillment needs, including direct-to-store shipping in retail packaging.

We are also offering the service to apply surface treatments to fulfill the various functional requirements from our customers such as:

• simple coatings for automatic processing/separation/surface adhesion
• functional coatings for reduction of assembly forces/multiple assembly: PTFE based emulsion/dispersion

• functional coatings for chemical resistance and permeation reduction in PTFE

• color coatings even to distinguish different parts in PTFE

• Plasma surface treatment
(some coatings are available as FDA versions).

We know what you are talking about and we can help you to implement and adapt your ideas to the maximum output for the both of our companies. We want to create value out of any kind of challenge you are bringing to us.

From design for manufacturability, scale up to large scale production, secondary operations and global fulfillment, KENVOX is a partner you can rely on.

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